How do I link assets to CI HUB in existing InDesign documents?

If you used the Adobe Connector but have switched to using the CI HUB connector, assets that are linked in InDesign documents in Adobe CC will need to be re-linked using the CI HUB Connector.

Because links are based on if matching filenames are found in your library, the CI HUB Connector can automatically detect them after you open an InDesign document, but you just need to relink them.

Note that these instructions apply only to InDesign documents.

To relink, in the Links panel, check the status for all the linked assets. As long as filenames match, they can be relinked.


Select Relink for all the files, then save the document.


Et voila !

If a filename for an asset in an InDesign document has changed in the library, you’ll need to search for a new asset or the asset with the updated filename and replace it in the document. To update the asset, select the asset to replace then enter search terms in the search navigation.

When you find the asset you need, right click on it and select Replace, then save the document.


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