How to use the Desktop Uploader tool

Mediavalet's Desktop Uploader can be used to upload a large number of assets (with or without folders) directly to a MediaValet Portal. The tool is designed to be installed on a PC or Mac and used by users with Administrator permissions.

Note: Uploading a large number of assets can take some time so the Desktop Uploader is designed to run in the background with little or no interaction required.

Using the Desktop Uploader

When the Desktop Uploader opens you will see a split screen. On the left you will see the category structure which matches your MediaValet portal. The left side will show the category structure from your MediaValet library. The right side will show any assets that are contained within the selected category.


You can browse through the category structure as you would on the MediaValet portal by clicking and expanding the categories clicking on the + icon mceclip2.png

  • To upload new assets from your computer, select your category on the left click on mceclip3.png or simply drag and drop the assets onto the right portion of the screen so the assets  are added to the selected category.

  • To upload a full parent category and its subfolders (if any) that you created locally on your computer, click on the root folder at the top and click on mceclip4.png

    You can also drag and drop whole folders, including sub-folders that will be added to MediaValet as categories.

  • To create a brand new parent category, click on the root folder (in this screenshot the root folder is called Library) and click mceclip5.png.

    Use the same option if you want to create a category folder under an existing category and enter a name.


How do I upload my assets?

Once you are ready to upload your assets to your library , click on Start Upload at the top mceclip8.png


You will be able to follow the upload process on the screen mceclip14.png

And you will see an Upload Report confirmation:



Use the dropdown menu to switch between the regular browse screen and the upload report mceclip16.png


- You will notice that once an asset get uploaded, it will go from mceclip9.pngto mceclip10.png

- You will also notice that when an entire category is synced and uploaded, the grey cloud icon mceclip12.pngwill become a grey folder mceclip13.png



  • No metadata addition ability
  • No deleting / moving of categories or assets that have been synced / uploaded
  • No downloading of assets / categories
  • Up to 1.5tb of data
  • Up to 100,000 assets
  • Up to 15,000 folders
  • Folder structure up to 10 levels deep

Max file upload size

Its only limited by Azure and as of late 2022, the largest file you can upload to Azure (and hence MediaValet is 209TB). See here for more:

A few other things to know...

  • From the tool, you can only delete the categories and folder you created on the Desktop Uploader. The pre-existing categories cannot be deleted through the tool, which is why the "Delete Category" option will be greyed out.

  • The Upload Problems button will give you more information on a potential upload error. If you are not sure why you are getting an error, send an email to with as much details as you can with screenshots and we'll address it.

  • If your machine shuts down or gets disconnected from the internet, you can start the
    application again (if closed) and hit "Start Upload" to resume from where the disruption
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