Recipients will receive an email containing links to the assets. They will need access permissions to view them.


  • Similar to lightboxes, this share method requires recipients to be users of the MediaValet library
  • Ensure the users the asset(s) link(s) are being shared with have "System Alerts" enabled in their user profiles if sharing directly from within the library via email.

How to Share an Asset Link

1. Locate the asset or group of assets you wish to share and click Actions > Share

2. Select share as Asset Link(s)

3. Within the Send to field, enter in the name of the user or group that you wish to share the link with. Remember that recipients must already be users of the MediaValet library. 
2024-02-21 19_35_49-MediaValet.png

4. (Optional): Add a custom message for the users the asset link(s) are being shared with.
2024-02-21 19_37_29-MediaValet.png

5. Click the Share button. Recipients will receive an email with separate links for each asset selected.

com009.svgNOTE: Alternatively if you wish to share the Asset Link(s) generated via an external tool for example, Slack, MS Teams, click on Copy All

    • This will create links for each of the assets that were selected on the first screen. 

      2024-02-21 19_41_26-MediaValet.png


  • If 15 assets or fewer are shared, a thumbnail will also display for each asset shared in the email notification generated. If 16 assets or more are shared, thumbnails will not display as large emails risk setting off spam filters.

  • If a new version of the asset shared is checked in, please share a new link for the asset as the old link will no longer work upon the new version being updated.

  • If assets are shared with users that do not have permission to view the asset(s), they will be presented with a 404 page until they are granted access to the asset's associated category in the library. 
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