How to navigate the CI HUB Adobe Creative Cloud Integration

With the CI HUB connector, users can leverage the assets stored in your MediaValet DAM directly in the Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

How to navigate the integration 

1. Navigate to the CI HUB tab. 1-Photoshop.png


2. Click the + in the top right corner to see the integrations available, click Show all and ensure MediaValet is set to visible (you may have to log in with your credentials).


3. Once you are finished selecting the integrations you would like to use, exit out of that screen

4. Back on the main CI HUB tab, you now can toggle between integrations using the dropdown menu, ensure MediaValet is selected



5. Now you can navigate through the connector, there are two ways to do this:

Folder Navigation: Users can navigate through categories (these are directly replicated from your MediaValet DAM) 


5.1.2-Photoshop.pngSearch: Users are able to search keywords, metadata, filenames, etc.



6. Once you click on an asset, you are also able to see the Detail View. This will provide more data (keywords, metadata, XMP, EXIF and IPTC data)




7. You are also able to see asset versioning and can navigate through the different versions using the arrows (the most current version will always be displayed on the main page)



8. You can navigate back to the main view by clicking Tile View



9. The green symbol on the top left of an asset will tell you if different Conversions are available



10. To select a different rendition of an asset, click Use File at the bottom of the tab



How to use assets, make edits and upload back to MediaValet

1. Navigate to the asset you would like to use and select it

2. Click on the Use File button

3. In this menu, choose the file size, select Open in Photoshop and click OK


4. You can now edit the asset

5. Once edits are complete, save the asset as normal 

6. You now have two options for saving in your DAM: Adding a Version or Adding a New File 

Adding a Version: Ensure the asset that you have edited is selected and click Update File


Select the asset name from the dropdown menu “File From” and click OK (This version of the asset will now be added)


Adding a New File: Ensure the asset that you have edited is selected and click Add File


Select the asset name from the dropdown menu “File From” and then type in the new file name (this uploads a new file of this asset) 



Seeing the updated assets in MediaValet

1. Navigate to your DAM

2. Click on the asset you have just edited


3. Click Detailed View


4. Click Versions23-Versions.png

5. Remember, if needed, you can always revert back to a previous version of an asset


Adding Metadata

1. Navigate and select the asset you would like to add metadata to


2. Once asset is selected, click on Detailed View


3. Navigate to the metadata you would like to add to the asset then drag and drop onto the image


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