How to Access and Manage Your Branded Portals


  • You must have the Manage Branded Portal permission enabled in order to view the "Portals" tab in your library. Please reach out to the Admin at your organization to request access to this feature

You can view a full list of your Branded Portals by clicking on the Portals tab.


The list view page is where you can see a full list of your organization’s portals, their names,
created date and status.



You can determine if a portal is published by its status.

  • Live: Your portal is currently published and can be accessed by other users.
  • Unpublished Changes: Your portal is live, but has unpublished edits.
  • Unpublished Draft: Your portal is still in draft mode and has not been published.
  • The Actions column is where you can edit your portal, copy its URL, open via a new web
    browser window and delete your portal with the following icons.
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