Download Assets from the Full-Screen Preview

Downloading assets from the full screen preview allows you to view further details of your asset. Learn how to do this in the article below. 

How to Download Assets from the Full-Screen Preview

  1. From the full-screen preview, click Download in the action bar along the bottom of the asset

  2. Within the side panel, download the original or use the Download Rendition box to customize the asset's size and format.

  3. (If enabled for your library) - to apply a watermark, select the "Apply Watermark" checkbox

    com009.svgNote: Watermarking is a great way to limit certain users to only preview, share or download image assets with a watermark. By selecting this checkbox, a watermarked rendition of your asset is created, protecting it from unauthorized access or use via screenshots or web scraping. To learn more about our watermarking feature click HERE

  4. (Optional) Include a contact sheet and/or CSV file to provide a summary of the assets being downloaded.

  5. Select a name for your download and click Download

    mceclip4.pngcom009.svgNote: Please ensure a value is input into the Download "zip" filename field otherwise the Download button will remain greyed out. 

  6. From the Downloads tab, wait until your assets have rendered and click the download icon to save them to your computer as a ZIP file. 
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