A lightbox is a personal collection of assets stored in your library, visible only to you. They are great for working on temporary projects, or for keeping private collections of assets.

Lightbox collections can be shared with other MediaValet users (where the lightbox will appear in their lightboxes tab) or with non-MediaValet users i.e. where the lightbox assets will appear as an online gallery.

Creating your first Lightbox

1. From the browse screen, click the Lightboxes tab to bring up your list of lightboxes (all shared and personally created lightbox collections will appear here). Then below the Lightboxes tab, click the Add button. This will open the lightbox creation screen.

2. Once the lightbox creation screen opens, enter a name and a description for the lightbox. Once you have entered these details, click the Create button and your new lightbox will be added to your lightbox list. 

Adding Assets to your Lightbox

  1. Go to the browse tab and check off the assets you would like to add to your lightbox
  2. Click Add to Lightbox and select the lightbox you would like to add your assets to


Sharing Your Lightbox - From the Browse Screen page

1. Select the asset or group of assets you wish to share and click Actions > Share

2. Select share as a Lightbox.

3. Choose a name for the new Lightbox. The default name will be the date. 

2024-02-21 19_54_25-MediaValet.png

4. Enter the recipient(s) email address and type an optional custom message.

5. Confirm by clicking Share.

Sharing Your Lightbox - From the Lightboxes page

1. Locate the lightbox you'd like to share and click on the share icon.

2. Configure your sharing settings and confirm by clicking Share
2024-03-07 15_58_07-MediaValet.png

com009.svgNote: When you share a lightbox, it will also be saved to your own lightbox tab. Any changes you make will be reflected in the other user's lightbox as well. 

While lightboxes are a great way to share projects with internal users, these are currently not collaborative.

As a result, only the user that created the lightbox can make changes in terms of adding and removing assets as needed.

A great workaround to this, would be to use Branded Portals feature when working on projects.


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