How to Search for Assets and Save a Search


Using the Search Bar

Basic searches can be done from the search bar. In addition to searching for basic terms, there are multiple ways to narrow or expand your search:

  • Boolean Search
    You can use Boolean search parameters like AND, OR and NOT. 
    For example, searching the terms CHAIR NOT COUCH will return assets tagged with the words CHAIR but not COUCH.  


  • Quotations
    You can limit searches to exact phrase matches by using quotations. 
    For example, searching the term "LIVING ROOM"
    will ensure you return assets tagged with LIVING ROOM, not just LIVING or ROOM


  • Asterisks
    You can expand your searches by adding a wildcard character i.e. an Asterisk to the beginning or the end of a search (for both). 
    For example, searching for the term SURF* will return assets tagged with SURF, SURFER, SURFING
    and any other alternatives. This can be especially helpful when searching for filenames.


How to Use Advanced Search Filters

  • Click on the Filters tab to navigate to your advanced search filters.

  • Tailor your search using the following filters
    • File Type: Search for a broad asset type, like images, or narrow in on specific file extensions, like JPEGS.

    • Rating: Filter assets by average star rating, ranging from 1-5.

    • Status, Events and Dates: Find assets that fit specific timelines or statuses.

    • Action and User: Find assets that have been uploaded by a specific user.

    • Custom Attributes: Search for assets using custom attributes, created in the Administrator Menu.
    • If you have artificial intelligence enabled in your library, you'll also see additional AI filters:
      • Colors: Filter by AI-tagged foreground and background colors
      • Text in Images: Search for specific text within images and PDFs.

  • Click Apply to confirm your filters selected.

  • Remove filters by deleting them out clicking Clear All


Saving A Search

If you find yourself using the same search filters repeatedly, it might be worth saving your search so as to reuse it in the future. 

  • After you perform a search, a prompt will appear in the Advanced Search panel to save your search.

  • Select a name for your search and click Save

  • The search will now be available within your Saved Searches in the Advanced Search tab.


  • You can share, pin or delete your search at any time. Previously shared or pinned searches will be highlighted in blue. mceclip19.png


How to Pin a Search

  • Navigate to your Filters tab and open your Saved Searches.

  • Locate the search you'd like to pin and click on the pin icon.

  • Within the pop-up, select where you'd like to pin the search.
    • Administrators will be given the option to pin the search for any user group, others will be able to pin to their own account. 

    • When pinning a search, make sure the search is not inadvertently pinned to user groups unless needed as these users will not be able to unpin this at their end. 

  • Click Apply to confirm the pin. 
    • Your pin will now be available in your Pinned Searches in the Categories tab.


How to Share a Search

  • Navigate to your Filters tab and open your Saved Searches.

  • Locate the search you want to share and click the share icon.

  • Within the pop-up, select which user or user group you'd like to share the search with, using the text box or checkboxes.

  • Click Share to confirm.
    • The search will now be available within the user or user group's Saved Searches section. 
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