Creating users in bulk is a great way to manage your users en masse. 

In the CSV attached, you will need to fill out the following information:

  • FirstName; LastName; and Title need to be set (could be set as Staff or Employee if unsure or if generic)
  • RoleName - group name setup in the DAM
  • IsActive - setup as Active (TRUE) or Inactive (FALSE)
  • Password needs to be set – set values such as Password!1 and then drag down the column for each user in each row so it becomes Password!2,Password!3, and so on. The users created will have to reset their passwords when first logging in anyway so what you set in the CSV will be irrelevant.

Once the CSV is populated and saved, please contact your Customer Success Manager and they will assist you with ingesting the file and getting these users setup.

NOTE: Keep in mind that once we ingest the CSV, every user will get an email notification right at that instance. We always try to work with our customers to have them first send out internal communication and give their users context on what MediaValet is; and to ensure that the email that comes from MediaValet isn't blocked or just ignored as it may sometimes go straight to junk mail.

At any rate, we're happy to work with you to coordinate timing of us ingesting the CSV file, and you (our client) sending out the communications internally first.



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