How to Connect and Navigate the CI HUB Connector for SharePoint

Learn about the MediaValet and Microsoft SharePoint connector powered by CI HUB.

This connector provides an instant connection which enables users to access any digital asset that is stored in the DAM from within the Microsoft SharePoint platform. It will simplify your workflow and make it easier for internal and external teams to access the assets they need.  

How to Connect

1. Navigate to the SharePoint Platform and ensure you are in "documents" 

2. Click on CI HUB to open the connector.Step1.png

3. Under Connections click the  +  button.

4. Use the search bar to find MediaValet.


5. Click the "+" to add MediaValet as a connection. 

6. This will navigate you to the MediaValet login screen where you will need to login with your MediaValet credentials. 

7. You should see a window stating that MediaValet is successfully connected.

8. Navigate back to the SharePoint tab in your browser.


How to Search in the Connector 

1. Click the magnifying glass on the right side to pull up the search bar. Users can search by name, filters, metadata and tags and filter the results by file type, rating and status. 


2. Search for the asset. The assets will appear below along with some metadata.


3. Users can view the assets in a List View or Tile View and click Detailed View to view more metadata.  



4. Once you have selected the asset you would like to use click Use File.


5. Users will have conversion options and can choose to either Place or Save Local

  • If you would like to import to SharePoint, click Place and OK.
  • If you would like to download the asset, click Save Local.


How to Check for New Asset Versions

1. Navigate to the link button


2. You will see all the MediaValet assets that are saved in SharePoint. 


3. Check if there are new versions for all assets by clicking on Check Status. If there is a new version of an asset, you will see a warning symbol. 



4. To view different versions of an asset, click the arrow beside the asset name. 


5. To use a newer version, click on the asset and then click the Relink button. Choose the rendition and click OK. The newer asset version has now been imported and is ready for use. 


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