How to make Embedded Metadata searchable?


By default, all embedded metadata fields are non-searchable, except for those that have been mapped to a System Attribute. This is because embedded metadata usually contains a lot of unwanted information.

Any newly added custom attribute fields will only apply to assets uploaded moving forward.
To retroactively fetch values for custom attribute mapping changes made, please reach out to our Support Team as this will require a reannotation request from Development.


  1. Before you begin, as a best practice, ensure that the embedded metadata field you wish to make searchable exists under IPTC, EXIF or XMP. For example, in the following image we will be looking to map the “Caption-Abstract” field found under IPTC.

  2. Click on the Admin menu (i.e. the gear icon) in the upper right-hand corner of the portal.


3) From the drop-down menu that appears, select “Attributes”.

4) From the “Attributes” page, click on + Add New Attribute button.

5) From the pop up window that appears, input the following information:

  • Under Attribute Name, input the name you wish to use for the custom attribute i.e. “Caption”

  • Under Attribute Type, select the data-type from the drop down menu i.e. “Text”

  • Under Import Embedded Data, select “Yes”

Note: Required Attribute and Display on List View can be left with the default options selected.


6) Once Import Embedded Data is set to “Yes”, this will trigger more options to appear.

  • Under Embedded Data Type, select the type under which the embedded metadata field you wish to map appears, i.e. “IPTC”

  • Under Embedded Data Value, select the embedded metadata field you wish to map to the custom attribute i.e. “Caption-Abstract”

  • Ensure the Mapping Direction is set to “Upload”

  • Delimiter should be set to ;

7) Click “+Add” to finish creating the new Custom Attribute.

Once you have completed mapping the selected IPTC field to the Custom Attribute, you will see that the attribute now appears as a searchable option under Advanced Search > Custom Attributes

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