This article will give you tips on how to sort your search results in your library.

There are several options for sorting your search results in MediaValet. If you are sorting by an attribute such as filename or Title, you may expect that your results will sort like this:



How it works

MediaValet uses lexicographic ordering. That means that your results will sort this way:



It reads each character, one at a time. Lexicographic ordering is consistent across all formats and file naming conventions. It's sometimes called the dictionary order - this is what it looks like for letters:

It works the same way with numbers. In this example, because 6 is larger than 4, 1246 will come first:


Using leading zeroes facilitates accurate sorting. Your file names should look like this:




MediaValet recommends using best practices for file naming. You can read the recommendations from the US National Archives here.

Our Professional Services team can help you with maintaining high metadata integrity, which supports better search results. Let your MediaValet representative know if you'd like to speak with one of our taxonomists or DAM advisors.

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