• A rejected asset can only be seen by its uploader and Administrators.

  • A rejected asset will no longer show in Web Galleries and Branded Portals. The CDN links generated for a rejected asset will no longer be accessible.

  • Once rejected, the asset will appear in the category with a red dot at the bottom left corner.

  • Rejecting an asset even during the approval phase will not delete it from the library. If you want to delete a rejected asset, you will have to go to the category, select the asset and click on Actions > Delete (warning: this will permanently delete the asset from the library).

  • Outside of the approval tab where you can approve or reject an asset, see How-to-Approve-Reject-Submitted-Assets, you can also reject an asset that is already in a category by selecting it and click on Actions > Reject

com009.svgGood to know...

  • An expired asset is a rejected asset!  When an Expiry Date set up for an asset lapses, the asset's status is automatically changed to "Rejected"

  • When an asset expires, a notification is sent to the Administrators and Library Administrators (if the user has the system notifications enabled in their profile)


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