How to Map Wrike Customer Fields to MediaValet Custom Attributes

Descriptive and Administrative metadata can be pushed with the asset to streamline the process of uploading approved assets in Wrike to MediaValet. Mapping metadata can either be done by adding the custom field at a task level, or mapping a field from an asset request form to a Wrike task. 

Creating a Custom Field in Wrike

In order for the custom field in Wrike to made to a custom attribute in Wrike, there needs to be matching names for the custom field (Wrike) and Customer Attribute (MediaValet).

The custom field and custom attribute values must also match - i.e. a list value set in Wrike must also match the list value type in MediaValet.

Example Mapping Options

MediaValet Attribute Type Wrike Attribute Type
Text, Unique ID Text
Text Single Select
Dropdown Checkbox
Number-decimal, Number-integer*, unique ID Number
Number-decimal, Number-integer* Percent, Currency
Date/Time Date


Adding a Custom Field in Wrike

At the top of the task heading, navigate to the right option icon and select Manage Custom Fields.

2024-02-01 15_59_51-MediaValet-Wrike-Installation-Guide (1).pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader (64-bit).png

Create a new field that already exists in MediaValet as a Custom Attribute or, create a net new Wrike Custom field with matching MediaValet custom attribute values. The Wrike Field name must equal the MediaValet Attribute name, and the Wrike Field Type must equal the MediaValet attribute type.

2024-02-01 16_00_46-MediaValet-Wrike-Installation-Guide (1).pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader (64-bit).png

Managing Custom Fields for your Project/Task 

Using the same manage fields icon displayed above, add relevant fields to the task or project and refresh the project. You will then see the task and project fields populated, which will carry with the asset when published to MediaValet. 

2024-02-01 16_04_38-MediaValet-Wrike-Installation-Guide (1).pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader (64-bit).png

Adding and Managing Custom Attributes in MediaValet

From your top right admin Menu, select Attributes and Add New Attribute. The attribute names and attribute values must match the Wrike Field Name and Wrike Field Values. 

2024-02-01 16_05_33-MediaValet-Wrike-Installation-Guide (1).pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader (64-bit).png

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