Sharing assets from within your DAM is easy to do with a number of options available. 

There are several ways in which you can share assets from within the DAM:  

  • Web Gallery - Share a curated set of assets with external users, they can preview and download if you've permitted them to.
  • Zipped file - Share assets in a compressed file with internal or external users. An email with a download link will be sent.
  • Lightbox - Share a lightbox with internal users of the system. An email invite will be sent and this lightbox will appear in the lightboxes tab for users it was shared with.
  • Asset Link - Recipients will receive an email containing links to the assets. They'll need access permissions to view them. 

How to Share Assets

1. Select the file(s) you'd like to share by either selecting an individual asset or multiple assets. 

2. Click on the Actions button on the top right side and select Share


3. Determine which method in which you will be sharing your assets

2024-02-21 18_41_26-MediaValet.png


4. Once you have selected which method you would like to share, you'll be prompted to configure individual settings for the share method selected. 

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