MediaValet's New Experience is a brand new way for users to experience their DAM. The New Experience is currently in development and as such, the product currently accessible to users is not fully finalized. Our development and product teams are working diligently to ensure that this new version of MediaValet can truly excel in streamlining your browsing, searching, and downloading tasks related to your assets.

To access the New Experience

1. Click the menu at the top right corner
2. Select Try the New Experience where you'll be taken directly to the New Experience.

2024-03-21 09_26_12-MediaValet.png

To revert back to the classic experience, navigate back to the menu on the top right hand corner within the New Experience and click on the Go back to Classic button. 


Finding Assets

To find assets, you can do so in two different ways:

1. View your category/folder tree on the left side of the page.
2. Conduct a search of an asset via the search bar on the top.

2024-03-21 09_34_59-Library - MediaValet.png


Keyboard Shortcuts

In our continuous effort to enhance usability, the New Experience incorporates a variety of keyboard shortcuts for effortless navigation and operation within your digital asset library. These shortcuts are designed to streamline your tasks and provide a more intuitive user experience.

Utilizing your mouse/keyboard or a combination of both, you can do the following:

  • Arrow keys = Select asset
  • Ctrl/Cmd + A = Select all assets on the page
  • Ctrl/Cmd + D = Deselect all selections on the page
  • Shift + Arrow keys = Select multiple assets 
  • Shift + Left Click = Select multiple assets in a row 
  • Ctrl/Cmd + K = Open search which navigates you to the search bar on the top


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