How to set up with your MediaValet Library

To setup this integration, a MediaValet administrator is required to connect the account and select a category in which to push assets to in MediaValet. 

The MediaValet administrator will be required to grant the following permissions in to use this integration:

  • Read all of your board's data
    Required to read the column values for the integration, such as title, description, file name and attribute value, to add to the file when uploading to MediaValet.

  • Modify any of your board's data
    Required to update the status and date columns when uploading the asset to MediaValet. 

  • Read information of files that were uploaded to your account
    Required to access your files from the file column, in order to upload to MediaValet.

  • Post of edit updates on your behalf
    Required for you to receive notifications in the item view. These include notifications if there is an error during upload or to confirm your file has been successfully uploaded to MediaValet. 

To get started: 

1. Click on the Integrate tab at the top of your dashboard and search for MediaValet. 

2024-04-03 17_55_30-MediaValet.png

2. Click on the MediaValet app icon, then the recipe. 

2024-04-03 17_52_39-Image20240403123141.png ‎- Photos.png

3. Click Authorize

4. Complete the authentication using your MediaValet account. 

5. Once the integration has been authenticated with your MediaValet account, complete the recipe with the following values and click Add to Board. The integration and recipe will then be available for other users. 

com009.svgNote: We recommend you create a separate MediaValet user account to authenticate the integration as all assets will be uploaded on behalf of this user account. 


Recipe Values: 

  • Button: Used to push the asset to MediaValet.
  • File: The most recent file in this column will be pushed to MediaValet. 
  • Title: Used to give your asset a title to display in MediaValet. 
  • File Name: Used to give your asset a file name to display in MediaValet. 
  • Description: Used to give your asset a description to display in MediaValet. 
  • Category: Use to assign a pre-designated category ID, in which all assets will be set to the corresponding category in MediaValet. The category ID can be pulled from the MediaValet URL of the specific category you'd like to use. 
  • Attribute: Used to map a data to a MediaValet attribute (for example, "Project ID"). 
  • Value: Used to apply a specific value to the attribute from the "Attribute" column (for example, "ID12345"). This attribute value can be searched in MediaValet to help you locate specific assets faster. This value does not have to be unique. 
  • Status: Used to share the progress of your asset upload. This column can be used specifically for MediaValet uploads or for the rest of your workflow. 
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