Using the & MediaValet Integration

Following integration setup, you'll be able to access its functionality within tasks under your existing and new event groups. 

With the integration, the following columns will be available: file, file name, description, value, date, status and button. 

Populate these columns with your campaign or project information and click the button to upload your file to MediaValet. 

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Once your upload is complete, you can note the date and time using the date column. An update will also be displayed in the updates section of the Item View. 

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Once a file is uploaded to, the status will change to one of the following: 

  • Upload in Progress: Asset is being transferred to MediaValet.
  • Asset Uploaded: Asset is uploaded and available in MediaValet.
  • Error Uploading: The asset was unable to upload to MediaValet. You can check the Updates tab in the Item View for more details of why the upload failed. 

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Additional Tips:

  • If you upload multiple files to the file column, only the most recently added file will be sent to MediaValet. 
  • Not all columns are required. If title and file name are left blank, the file name will automatically populate in both fields in MediaValet. 

com009.svgNote: Limitation: Sending multiple files with the same file name concurrently may cause the upload to fail. 

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