Pinned Searches can be setup for several different use cases, most common of which is that it allows users to validate assets before they are approved for use in the DAM.

While approval is the most common use case, there are many other reasons why users would use this functionality, some of the other use cases are the following:

  • Identify assets that are expiring
  • Identify assets that need to be retagged
  • Gather a set of assets that meet certain search criterion as they are uploaded to the DAM. These assets can then be revisited for projects, or the pinned search can be shared with colleagues.




  1. Define the search criteria. This is done in the same way as any search. Enter your search criteria either in the search bar, using the advanced search options or a combination, then click, ‘Apply’ to get the assets that meet the search criteria you entered.

  2. Save the search criteria. Click on the ‘Save’ button at the advanced search section.

  3. Pin the curated search to the top of the library. Click on the pin to the right.

  4. Once the saved search has been "pinned", it will appear at the top of your library so you can access assets in this search at any time. 



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