New versions of assets can be uploaded using the Check in/Checkout feature which is detailed below. 

How to update a new version of an asset

1. From the detailed-info screen preview, click the three dots found under the asset thumbnail and select Checkout

2. In the side panel, use the comment box to provide additional information about the check-out
and confirm by clicking Checkout.

3. You will see a confirmation message once the asset has been checked out with the option to download the latest version of the asset.

4. Once the asset is checked out, it will be locked from use. Checked out assets can be identified
by the lock icon next to their file name.

5. When you’re ready to upload a new file, click on the three vertical dots found under the asset and select Check In from the drop-down menu.

6. In the side panel, click Browse Files to find the asset you’d like to upload. Add optional comments and confirm by clicking Check In.

7. The asset will now be unlocked with the updated asset version.


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