This article will introduce you to alternative ways to download your assets within MediaValet.

Quick Downloading Assets

The fastest way to download an asset is by clicking the quick download icon mceclip3.png found by hovering over an asset tile or viewing the asset’s detailed information screen. This will allow you to download an asset immediately.


For administrators, the original asset will download, while for end users a pre-set rendition will download based on the permission settings set by your administrator.


Downloading Assets from the Browse Screen

1. From the browse screen hover over and check-off to select the asset(s) you want to download 

2. Click on the Actions button on the right-hand side and select Download from the drop-down menu.

3. Within the pop-up menu, choose to download the asset(s) in a pre-set rendition or customize its size and format.
4. Select a name for your download and click Download to confirm. 

5. (Optional) Include a contact sheet and/or a CSV file to provide a summary of the assets.

  • A CSV, otherwise known as a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file that contains a list of data. Data in a CSV can include: Asset Title, File Name, Asset Type, Size and other attributes. 
  • A contact sheet produces a PDF containing all the downloaded assets

6. Select a name for your download and click Download to confirm. 

Spring Furniture Collection.png

7. From the Downloads tab, wait until your assets have rendered and click the download icon to save them to your computer as a ZIP file. 

Download Page.png

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