What are the default user permissions for Audio Video Intelligence (AVI)?

The following permissions are applied for Audio/Video Intelligence by default: 

  • Administrators & Library Administrators: View, Edit & Index 

  • User Administrators, Contributors, Approvers, Members, Guests: View

Users not in those groups can have Video Intelligence permissions enabled with custom permissions:


  • View - determines if the widgets are displayed on the basic or detailed info pages

  • View & Edit - builds upon the previous permission; also determines if user has permission to edit keywords, known people, transcripts, etc.

  • View, Edit & Indexing - builds upon the previous permission; also determines if the user has permission to send videos to Video Indexer for indexing

  • Cannot View - User can’t see the AVI results on either the fullscreen page or the detailed info page, however they can search for the metadata in global search or advanced search facets

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