Admin user with Manage Categories permission enabled for their assigned user group.

1. Click on the gear icon found in the top-right corner of your portal and select Categories from the drop-down menu.

2. From the Manage Categories page, expand the category structure to identify the category that requires deletion.

3. Click on the Delete prompt found under the Actions column next to the category you wish to delete.

4. Please review the pop-up message that appears carefully before proceeding with the deletion


com009.svgImportant Notes:

When one deletes a category, please note that upon deletion the nested child categories will be deleted as well. This process is irreversible and requires manually recreating the category structure.

  • When a category is deleted, the assets within the category are not being deleted.
  • When a category is deleted, any assets that are not tagged to any other additional categories, will be moved to the root 'Library' category.

  • Assets that are tagged to other categories, will not be moved to the root 'library' category and will stay within the other non-deleted categories they have been tagged to.



  • As a best practice, we advise moving the subcategories which need to be retained to a different parent category before proceeding with deletion. For additional guidance, consult your MediaValet representative on best practices with restructuring your taxonomy in your DAM.
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