How to sync Categories and Lightboxes to Branded Portals

Users can select a category or a lightbox and sync it to a section of the branded portal. This section will be automatically updated once the branded portal is published. From then on, it any assets are added to that category/lightbox, they automatically appear in the branded portal without needing to republish it. 

Setup Steps

1. Select a category/lightbox in Add Assets modal and click the Sync selected category toggle.

2. A warning message will be displayed if the user has other assets selected or added to that section of the Branded Portal.

3. After clicking Add, assets are added to this section of the branded portal

com009.svgNote: A warning message will be displayed if a user tries to sync a category/lightbox with a large number of assets. Only the first 1,000 assets will be displayed on the Page Builder to optimize performance. All assets in the selected category will be visible on the Public Page.

4. The s
ynced category/lightbox is identified by a sync logo near the top of the section in the Branded Portal.

com009.svgNote: Users cannot add/remove assets to a synced section. 

5. If some assets are edited, deleted or added to the category, the change will also be reflected on the branded portal.

com009.svgNote: The Branded Portal has to be published for the changes to show on the Portal too)

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