How to set up users to receive email notifications?

As an administrator in MediaValet, you will be able to manage which users can receive email notifications for events completed in MediaValet. 



Scenario A) During New User Set Up Process

  • When creating a new user in the MediaValet platform, at the bottom of the user creation dialog window, there will be two options:

    • Send New User Notification = This option can only be checked off at the time of user creation and ensures an email notification is sent out to the user containing their MediaValet credentials.

    • User to receive System Alerts = This option must be enabled to ensure the user can receive email notifications including:
      • Keyword approval
      • Asset approval
      • Expired Assets
      • New User Registration requests pending approval
      • Asset usage form

com009.svgNote: Please note the above is also dependent on what permissions have been set up for the permission group the user has been assigned to. Contact your MediaValet Customer Success Manager if unsure. 




Scenario B) After a User has been set up

  • One can also set up a user to receive MediaValet system email notifications after the user creation process from the "Manage Users" page:

  • From the "Manage Users" page, search for the user in question whose settings you wish to update and click "View/Edit" next to their user entry:

  • From the pop-up window that appears ensure the "User to receive System Alerts" checkbox has been checked off and click "Save" to submit the change:



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