Help! How can I bypass "A user with the username already exists error"?

When creating a new user in your MediaValet library, you may observe the following errors:




This error indicates that the Username already exists in this library or another library.


Based on the way our platform is set up, usernames are a unique identifier across all MediaValet libraries similar to other SaaS products.


However, multiple user accounts can be set up with the same email address. As a workaround, our team typically advises to use one of the following approaches:

  1. If the user does not require access to the other MediaValet library, their user account from the other library can be deleted. This will allow for the same username to be used for the new library they wish to use.
  2. If the user will need access to both MediaValet libraries, our team advises to set up the secondary user account with an alternative email address as their username or a unique value, for examplejohn.doewith the same email address they wish to receive notifications at. 
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