How to manually re-install CreativeSPACES?

Follow the steps below if you see the following error when opening CreativeSPACES:




You will first need to uninstall the current version of SPACES from your local device before installing the latest version



  1. Close out of the SPACES program completely if opened on your computer.


  2. Delete the CreativeSPACES Application folder.

    • Search for the CreativeSPACES.exe program and Open file location

    • Securely delete the entire mediavalet_creative_spaces_win32 folder to remove all contents contained within.

      Note: To securely delete the parent folder, hold Shift + DEL on your keyboard. This will remove the entire folder and its contents without needing to empty the recycle bin.

  3. Delete CreativeSPACES App Data

    • Open File Explorer on Windows

    • Click on the Address bar and input %APPDATA%\CreativeSpaces


    • Highlight the Creative Spaces folder and securely delete it.

  4. Delete CreativeSPACES Workspace and Cache Data

    • Open File Explorer on Windows

    • Click on the Address bar and input %USERPROFILE%\Documents\CreativeSPACES

    • Highlight the Cache and Workspaces folders and securely delete them.

      • Note: You can also highlight the top-level folder called CreativeSPACES and securely delete the entire folder which will also delete the nested folders automatically.



  5. Once the steps above have been completed, the latest version of SPACES can be downloaded at:


  1. Close out of the SPACES program completely if opened on your computer.


  2. From the “Applications” folder, move the “CreativeSPACES” application to your Trash

    • Please also ensure to delete the .dmg installer file which initially downloaded from your Downloads folder.

  3. Force Quit your "Finder" application.

    • This can be done by clicking on the "Apple" logo from the navigation menu and selecting "Force Quit"

    • From the pop-up window that appears, select "Finder" and then "Relaunch"


  4. Next, please open your "Finder" and select "Go" > "Go To Folder"

  5. Input the following query into the folder path field, ~/Library/Application Support/Creative Spaces

  6. Expand the CreativeSpaces folder and ensure to delete the following files completely:

    • config-json

    • cred-file

    • metaconfig.json

      Note: If you do not see these files, they are likely hidden by default. To display all hidden files, hold COMMAND + SHIFT+ .

    • Following this, please also delete the entire CreativeSpaces folder found under Application Support.

      Next, reopen "Finder" and select "Go" > "Go To Folder"

      In the folder path field, please input the following query CreativeSPACES (no ~ symbol in the query) as seen in the screenshot below:

      This should ideally open the CreativeSPACES folder found under your active user's profile. Please delete this folder completely as well. 

    • Once the aforementioned have been deleted, please ensure to securely empty your Trash as well to remove any existence of soft-deleted files that may be stored on your device. 


Re-install CreativeSPACES

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