Creating Your First Template with MediaValet Templating

Templates allow your creative teams to experience newfound freedom by providing a structured format for your teams to edit depending on their various needs. With one event invitation template, you will be ready to tackle any occasion.

Creating your first brand template

1. Once logged in and on your MediaValet DAM, navigate to the Templates tab located beside Reports. 

2. In the MediaValet Templating View, click Create Brand Template to get started.

This will open your MediaValet Templating editor, where you are able to design your ideal template.

Once you are happy with your design, you may wish to lock certain elements. By doing this, you can directly indicate which elements of the template can be changed by team members. To lock elements, simply select the element (text box, image), once there, click Arrange, then Lock/Unlock.

In this menu, you will be able to choose whether to completely lock the element, lock its content, lock its size and position, or simply its style.


Importing a template from InDesign

To import a template from InDesign instead, simply return to the main page of MediaValet Templating, click on New Project and select InDesign Import

Inviting collaborators

After designing the ideal template, you are now ready to begin sharing it with your colleagues. To accomplish this, simply click the green Share button located at the top right of the screen. Alternatively, you can click the icon containing a user and a plus sign, located to the left of the Share button.


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