Attaching MediaValet Assets to a Wrike Task

MediaValet's cloud connector allows you to easily sync your assets from MediaValet to your Wrike task. Whether it be to use as a reference, go through an approval workflow, or as an element for the larger project, it's never been easier to sync your assets from MediaValet. 

How to attach MediaValet Assets to a Wrike Task

1. Click on the Add Files button then select MediaValet Cloud Connector

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2. After authenticating into MediaValet, you can search using keywords based on attributes like File Name, Filetype, Keywords, or AI Metadata. Alternatively, you can now navigate to your desired category or lightbox.

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3. You can individual select assets or bulk select assets, afterwards click Attach Files

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4. Afterwards, your assets will display within the task. You will notice a MediaValet icon to let you identify which assets are sync'd with MediaValet. A clock icon will appear when an asset has multiple versions available from MediaValet.

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