Publishing Assets from Wrike to MediaValet

As your project is wrapping up, pushing finalized assets from Wrike to MediaValet is an important part of the process to ensure they can be further enriched in the DAM, and accessible to you wider team. With the MediaValet Cloud Connector, being able to push your finalized assets back to the DAM is a smooth process without needing to hop between applications. 

To Publish Assets from Wrike to MediaValet

Select the assets you want to push to MediaValet and click on the MediaValet Cloud Connector icon

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Tagging Categories

1. After authenticating to your MediaValet account, you will be able to see your MediaValet taxonomy. Select the categories you wish to push the assets to and select next. Please remember that you are not creating additional copies if you are tagging to multiple categories. 

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2. Prior to finishing the upload, you will be able to perform a variety of actions to ensure your asset is following your DAM's metadata structure. When ready, click Upload to finish the process. 

  • It's important to ensure the file name is following the conventions set by your DAM Administrators. With the MediaValet Cloud Connector, you can easily change the filename to follow best practices. 
  • If you've mapped Wrike Custom Fields to MediaValet attributes, you will  see these attributes pre-filled if data exists in the Wrike field. You can also overwrite the data if required. 
  • In addition to the attribute information pulling from the Wrike task, you will also be able to fill and add additional attribute metadata. This will help with enriching the asset with important attribute information specific to your DAM use-case. 

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3. Your assets is now uploaded to MediaValet and is instantly available to those with permissions to the categories you've tagged your asset. 

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