How to Apply a Watermark when Sharing and Downloading Images?

MediaValet takes watermarking to a new level by rethinking how to protect assets from being misused. Instead of applying a watermark overlay, MediaValet generates a new watermarked rendition of all your image assets.

This protects your assets from unauthorized access via screenshotting, right-clicking and saving as well as web-scraping. This ensures your asset originals are always secure and only accessible to those with the correct view, share and download permissions enabled. 

A watermark can be applied from both the browse screen as well as the full-screen preview of an asset.

To apply a watermark

1. While sharing or downloading an asset, select a pre-set or custom rendition

  • Watermarks cannot be applied to original assets

2. Click the Apply Watermark checkbox

  • In the full-screen preview, once the Apply Watermark option is selected, you'll see a preview of the image asset with a watermark applied.


3. Configure the other sharing/downloading settings and click the green Share/Download button to apply the watermark to the asset(s) selected.


com009.svgNote: When downloading or sharing an image asset with a watermark, a generic MediaValet watermark will be applied until a custom watermark is set up for your organization.

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