How to set up a Custom Watermark and Manage Permissions?

Admins can limit certain users to only preview, share or download image assets with a watermark by using custom user permissions and category access.

With this permission applied, MediaValet will generate watermarked renditions of your assets, protecting them from unauthorized access via screenshots, right-clicking and saving as well as web-scraping.

Getting Started

To set up a custom watermark, please ensure the graphic you send to your MediaValet representative meets the following criteria:

  • PNG file with a transparent background
  • Color Mode: RBG
  • File Canvas Size: Above 1000px in either width or height
  • Transparency: 30-70% transparency for best results
  • Positioning: The watermark image can be positioned anywhere on the transparent canvas. 

Following this, MediaValet will test the watermark image with a few test assets for you to review prior to applying the custom watermark to your library. 


Configuring Watermark Permissions for User Groups

Once the custom watermark has been applied, you will be able to create and configure user groups and categories that are required to view assets with a watermark applied automatically. 

1. Navigate to the Groups page from the Administrator menu

2. Click Add New Group to create a new user group or View/Edit next to a current group whose permissions you wish to change under the Actions column.

3. Ensure Custom Permissions are selected and navigate to the Watermark Images section

4. Select the relevant Watermark permission you wish to apply for the user group and submit the change.

5. If selecting the watermark to be applied to all categories, this will be automatically applied for all assets in the categories the group has access to

6. If selecting the permission to only have the watermark applied for certain categories the user group has access to, from the next page confirm which categories' assets you wish to display the watermark for and click Save.

7. From the User section, add relevant users to the new user group/pre-existing group as needed. 



  • Once a custom watermark has been uploaded, it can only be applied to new assets that are uploaded to the library. 
    • All previously uploaded assets will need to be re-rendered in order to apply the custom watermark.
  • Currently, PDFs do not support the watermark feature at this time.

  • When moving a sub-category to a watermarked parent category, the sub-category will automatically become watermarked as well.

    However, moving a watermarked sub-category to a non-watermarked parent will keep the watermark feature intact for the sub-category.
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