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Google Workspace Configuration

First Steps

  • First, you will need a Google Workspace Admin to sign into the workspace at

  • Navigate to App/Web and Mobile apps

  • Select Add App/Add custom SAML app and start to configure the app.


Configure the APP

  • Provide an App Name then click to continue.
  • On the next page, please click the "Download IdP metadata" button and forward the XML metadata file in response to Support. 

  • Please also copy the Entity ID and paste this in the SSO Form (attached). Following this, click "Continue"

  • In the next step the user will configure in the ACS URL and Entity ID, i.e. the specified URLs that the MediaValet Support team has provided.

  • Next, please ensure that the Name ID format and Name ID are configured, we recommend using:
    • Name ID format = EMAIL
    • Name ID = Basic Information >Primary email

    • In the example below, we used our test IAM URL for both these values. Live clients should use the EntityId/SSO URL the MediaValet Support team provides.


Setting the User permissions

After completing the app configuration you will need to configure the users that should have access to the custom MediaValet SAML application that was set up.


  • Navigate to the app and click on: User access area
  • To keep things simple, in the example below, Service Status was set to "ON for everyone" which will enable all the users inside this Google Workspace to use their SSO credentials to sign into MediaValet
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