How to Access the People Dashboard for Face Recognition

MediaValet's Face Recognition feature simplifies digital asset management by detecting, tagging, and organizing images with faces. Administrators can efficiently locate specific individuals in images, streamline selection, and enjoy automatic tagging for future uploads with added names.  


The People Dashboard is available to all administrators and to users who have Face Recognition enabled for their user group. 


The People Dashboard is the first step to utilizing Face Recognition in your library. With the People Dashboard, you will be able to visualize all the different faces that have been detected within your uploaded images. 


To access the People Dashboard:  

1. Select the folder you want to use Face Recognition for. If you would like to see Faces across your entire library, click the “Parent Folder” 


2. Click “People” to access the People Dashboard for the specified folder


3. You are now in the People Dashboard. If there are no tagged/identified faces already, navigate to the “Unidentified” tab to view the unidentified faces




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