Best Practices for Creating an Accurate Face Recognition Model

Face Recognition model relies on a clear, high-quality 200px x 200px image of a face to serve as a baseline for AI recognition. The baseline image should be high-resolution, with the face looking forward and unobstructed.

We suggest creating a dedicated folder for all baseline face images to make sure each important individual within your organization is included.

Suggested recommendations

  1. Name the folder (Ex. Face Recognition Images)
  2. Upload a high definition, front facing, unobstructed image of each person you want to be recognized by Face Recognition
  3. Upload additional images of the same person into your library to enhance recognition accuracy.

As more images of a face are uploaded to your library, the more accurate the Face Recognition model will be.

Although this image has numerous faces, Face Recognition would not be able to identify these faces because each is either obstructed, blocked, or not large enough to meet the 200px by 200px requirement.


The image below shows an example of a high quality and clear face for Face Recognition to identify and create a model out of. 


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