How to resolve asset showing Deleting... error message

From time to time, you may come across assets indicating a "Deleting..." error message. This can occur when a change has been made to the asset(s) in question that do not resolve upon refreshing your browser session.


The following detail some troubleshooting steps which can be taken to bypass this error message and get you up and running successfully:


  1. Log out from MediaValet and log back in and confirm if the error still persists.

  2. Login to MediaValet from an incognito/private session: How to enable incognito mode/private mode on your browser

    If the issue does not occur from the private/incognito session then: 

    • Clear any cached site settings preserved for your MediaValet library by following the steps in the guide: How to clear your browser cache?

    • If the issue persists after clearing your cache, check-out your asset, download the asset, rename the asset to a unique filename and check back in the updated version.

  3. If these steps did not solve the problem, send a detailed email to
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