Please note that MediaValet Direct is in beta phase. As such, the design, features, and usability remain subject to change. To request access to the MediaValet Direct Beta, please contact your MediaValet representative or email 

MediaValet Direct (Beta) is a powerful tool that allows you to efficiently upload files and folders directly to your MediaValet DAM.

Follow these steps to get started:

Upload Folders

To upload an entire parent category and its subfolders (if any) that you’ve created locally on your computer:

  • Click on Upload a Folder
  • Select the Folder(s) you’d like to upload along with their assets
  • Select Add Folders
  • If not using filename versioning, skip to step 2 (Renaming)
  • Select Start Upload

What is the difference between adding and merging folders? 

What is adding a folder? 

When you’re adding a folder to a category on the DAM, MediaValet Direct will replicate the folder, subfolders, and the assets.

What is merging a folder?

Opting to merge a folder in MediaValet Direct will result in the addition of only the contents of the selected folder to the chosen category on the DAM. This action does not generate a new category; instead, it adds only adds the subfolders and assets. 

This is a good option when consolidating the contents of various folders from your desktop, external drives, or web drives into a single category within the DAM. 


You have a folder on your desktop called “Seasons.” Inside this folder are multiple sub-folders and assets. This is how the category structure would look if you Added this folder: 


This is how the category structure would look if you Merged this folder: 


If you have any further questions, please reach out to the Support team at


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