View CDN Linking Analytics in Reporting & Analytics

In MediaValet, you can track the performance of assets shared via CDN to make smarter, data-backed decisions. Once a CDN Link is created the CDN Links report will be available (via your top navigation under Reports), providing insights into your content across the various websites and channels it has been published

Track Asset and Link-Level Performance

  1. View Asset Performance: From the CDN Links report page:
    • Click View all Link Assets
    • Filter by Date and/or asset type 
    • Select View Asset Analytics (total views, unique views, bandwidth, type, format, and file size)
  2. View Link Performance: From the CDN Links report page:
    • Click View all Links
    • Filter by Date, asset type, link status and/or created by 
    • Select View Link Analytics (link name, total views, unique views, bandwidth, rendition, creation date, created by, status, and action)

Export Asset and Link-Level Data 

There are two ways to export this data:

  1. From the CDN Links report page
  2. From the CDN Links report page,

Track Total Bandwidth Consumption

  • View Bandwidth Consumption: From the CDN Links report page, scroll to the bottom of the page to get a visualized overview of bandwidth usage per month to ensure you are under your monthly allotment 

com009.svgNote: This feature is turned on for Administrators, Library Administrators and User Administrators who have CDN Linking enabled. If you do not have CDN Linking enabled, please get in touch with your MediaValet representative.

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