How to Build Your Branded Portal

Branded Portals are a create way to share collections at scale and distribute assets while staying on brand. With Branded Portals, you can sort your assets into sections, making it easier for users to browse
for the assets they need.

By default, your portal will start with one section. To add another, hover above or below a section until Click Here to Add a Section appears.
Click here to add section and a new section will appear.

Name a Section

1. Hover over Section Name until a pencil icon appears.

2. Click Save to confirm.


Add a Section Description

1. Hover over Add Description until a pencil icon appears.

2. Click on the pencil icon and type a description for your section.

3. Click Save to confirm.


Add Assets

1. Click on the photo icon within the section you want to add the asset(s) to.

2. Within the pop-up, search or browse for your asset(s). Note that you can select multiple assets.

3. You can select assets from categories and lightboxes and add them directly to a portal. Users can select a category or a lightbox and sync it to a section of the branded portal. This section will be automatically updated once the branded portal is published. From then on, it any assets are added to that category/lightbox, they automatically appear in the branded portal without needing to republish it. 

4. Click Add to confirm.


How to Publish a Portal

1. In the top right corner of your portal, click Next. From here you will have a variety of publish options available.

2. To allow users to download assets, toggle on Allow Downloads.

3. If you want to make your portal private or limit access to specific users, this can be done by
creating an access key. To do this, toggle on Require Access Key. Your access key will automatically save when entered into the text field.

4. To allow users to search for an asset within a portal, toggle on Allow Assets to be Searchable.

5. To add a navigation panel to the portal page builder and public portal pages, toggle on Show Navigation Bar. With this panel, users can click on a section title and instantly be brought to their chosen section.

6. To customize the portal URL, provide a unique URL extension in the URL Settings and click Save.

7. Click Publish to confirm. After clicking publish, your portal will be ready to share. Copy the URL link to share your new portal.

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