How to authenticate using the Resource Owner Password Flow in Postman


While we do discourage using this workflow by default for security reasons, this is the preferred method for enforcing “non-interactive” authentication.


The Authorization header is a basic auth digest of the 'client_id:client_secret'. A basic auth digest is a base64 string of the 'client_id:client_secret' this can be generated multiple ways either through built in Postman Authorization tab itself or an SDK in your projects environment.

The username and password are the credentials you use to login into your DAM portal. e.g

Don't forget to check our documentation:



  • You must have a user account in the MediaValet library you are looking to integrate with. 

  • You must have signed up for a MediaValet API Developer Account, subscribed to a plan and have been provided a ClientId and ClientSecret from MediaValet's Support Team.

  • You must have signed up for a Postman account and opened our collection in Postman. 


1) Select the environment you will be working out of in Postman

  • On the top-right corner of Postman, select the "MediaValet - Guide Variables" environment


2) Modify the MediaValet - Guide Variables environment values

  • Click on the environment found in the left-hand column i.e. "MediaValet - Guide Variables"
  • From the screen that appears, input the following values:

    • clientId = value provided by MediaValet Support Team

    • clientSecret = value provided by MediaValet Support Team

    • scope =
      openid api offline_access
    • state =

    • subscriptionKey = found in the MediaValet Developer Account portal where you signed up.
  • Once you have input your values, click the "Save" button found in the top-right corner. 


3) Generating an Access Token

  • Click on "Collections" found in the left-hand corner and selet the MediaValet API collection that was imported.
  • Expand the "How To Guides" folder to bring up the Authorization page.

On the MediaValet API Authorization tab,

  • Chose "Password Credentials" for the Grant Type
  • Input your MediaValet Username
  • Input your MediaValet Password




  • Scroll down until you can click on the "Get New Access Token" orange button found at the bottom of the Authorization screen.
  • Once you have successfully authenticated, you can click "Proceed" as shown below and then click "Use Token":

  • This will add the access token generated to your list of "Manage Tokens" in Postman. 

  • ✅ Congrats! You are now ready to start playing around with MediaValet's API.

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