What Skyhook notification events can I subscribe to?

SkyHOOK is an enterprise level application that allows you to subscribe to events from MediaValet. You can receive the event messages directly to your own endpoint or if you prefer, the event message can be sent to a private Azure Event Grid instance.


Currently, our Skyhook feature supports subscription notifications for the following events:

Name Description
Asset.StatusUpdated Asset Status has been updated.
Asset.MediaFileAdded Asset Mediafile been added.
Category.AssetsAssigned Asset has been assigned to a Category.
Category.AssetUnassigned Asset has been unassigned to a Category.
Asset.KeywordsAdded Keyword has been added to an Asset.
Asset.AttributesAdded Attribute has been added to an Asset.
Asset.VideoRenditionsAdded Video Asset Rendition has been added.
Asset.KeywordRemoved Keyword has been removed form an Asset.



For a list of all supported endpoints click HERE - More events will be supported in the future! 

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