How do I sign up to use the MediaValet API?

The MediaValet API allows developers to create code to execute all capabilities currently available within the MediaValet portal. 


Get Started:

  1. Ensure you have a user account in the MediaValet library you wish to integrate with.

    • If you have a non-Administrator account, please ensure an Administrator of the library is CC'd on the email when emailing Support. 
  2. Create your account in the MediaValet Developer Portal.

  3. Subscribe to a plan in the Developer Portal.

  4. MediaValet Support Team will work with you over email to complete the setup.
    • All custom redirect_URIs will need to be whitelisted by the MediaValet Support team in order to be successfully redirected back to the application you are working out of. 

      By default, we whitelist which will allow you to work out of the Postman desktop application. 

  5. MediaValet Support Team will provide the clientId, clientSecret and appove the SubscriptionKey for the plan subscribed to.

  6. You are ready to go! 🎉


Watch the video below for a quick tour of our API



Check out our API Collection at



  • Only one Developer Account and Subscription request needs to be completed per integration being built.

  • The ClientId, ClientSecret and SubscriptionKey values issued can be shared across multiple users in the same library that are working on the third-party integration.

  • Please ensure you have signed up for a Developer Account and subscribed to a subscription plan before emailing Support. This is required in order for MediaValet Support to complete the setup at their end. 
    Parameter Description
    client_id Identifies the client and must match the value pre-registered with MediaValet.
    client_secret This client secret is used in conjunction with client_id to authenticate the client application.
    code The value is what was returned from the authorization endpoint. The code has a lifetime of 60 seconds.
    grant_type Can be one of the following: authorization_code or refresh_token. Determines the mechanism MediaValet uses to authorize the creation of the tokens.
    redirect_uri Required when grant_type is authorization_code. Specifies the callback location where the authorization was sent. This value must match the redirect_uri used to generate the original authorization_code.
    refresh_token Required when grant_type is refresh_token. The value is a valid refresh token that was returned from this endpoint previously.
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