Getting Started With User Management

As a MediaValet administrator, you can directly contribute to your organization’s success by managing your library’s users. User management involves various responsibilities, including:

  • Approving or rejecting new users.
  • Managing user groups & permissions.
  • Ensuring users are in the correct user group.

Approving Users

Before a user can begin contributing to your MediaValet library, an administrator must ensure that the user is approved. Prior to receiving administrative approval, users will receive an error upon attempting to log in.

To approve a user, begin by selecting the “Approve” button located at the upper section of your MediaValet portal. Once there, click on “New Users”

In this menu you will see a list of users that have requested access to your library. As an administrator, you can either approve or deny access as appropriate. While approving a user, you may assign the user to the appropriate permission group by clicking on the “Select Group” drop-down menu. Once you are satisfied with your selection, simply select the “Approve/Reject” button located at the bottom right of your screen.

After a user has been approved, they will no longer experience issues when attempting to log in.


User Groups & Permissions

While MediaValet offers various default user groups, as an administrator, you can create custom user groups to better fit the needs of your organization. Custom user groups can be customized to indicate which sections of a library a user can have access to, as well as their permissions. This can be used creatively to ensure each department of your organization has the most appropriate access to your assets.

Creating a custom group is simple: Simply select the gear shaped icon at the top right of your MediaValet portal, click on “Groups”, and navigate to the “Add New Group” button located next to “Custom Groups”. Upon doing so, you will be prompted to select the most appropriate permissions and access for your custom group.

Once you are satisfied with your custom group, you may either assign users to this custom group upon approval, or by navigating to the users section located in the gear-shaped administrative menu.

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