What happens after I register for a new user account?

This article outlines the approval process and communications received by the user registering for the account.

Notification and Communication Process

1. Once you have completed registering for a new user account, you will receive an acknowledgement email letting you know that your request for an account has been forwarded to the DAM Administrator.

2024-01-25 23_46_02-Thank you for Registering - nate.yang@gmail.com - Gmail - [InPrivate] - Microsof.png

2. An email notification will also be sent to the Administrators of the library you signed up for to action this request on their end.

3, Once your request has been reviewed by a DAM Administrator and approved, you will receive another email letting you know that your request for an account has also been approved. Included will be your login username as well as the URL to the DAM you now have access to.

2024-01-26 00_01_39-Your New MediaValet User Account is Ready - nate.yang@gmail.com - Gmail - [InPri.png

com009.svg Note: Based on our Security & Compliance policies, our MediaValet team is unable to approve user requests on behalf of our customers.

Reach out to your MediaValet representative to find out more about the status of your user request. 

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