I received an email to approve pending assets, but there is nothing to approve?

During the upload process, users that have the permission to upload assets as Pending Approval can select an Admin user to approve their request:



Following this, provided the user selected has notification alerts enabled, they should receive an email notifying them of the assets submitted for approval. An example of this can be seen below:



When navigating to the Approve tab, if there are no assets uploaded by this user that are pending approval, one of the following could have occurred:


1. Assets have already been approved by another Approver

Another user with "Approver" permissions has already approved these assets independently. In this case, it is always best to check with the Uploader to confirm whether this is the case.

Alternatively, navigate to the "Advanced Search" page, expand the "Status, Events and Dates" section and search "Uploaded By" and input the user's name as shown below:

Ensure to sort by Date Uploaded and confirm if the upload date corresponds with the date the notification email was received. 


2. Assets failed to be uploaded successfully

  • This can occur when an Approver is notified by email to approve assets before the upload has completed successfully.

  • In this case, it is always best to check in with the uploader to validate that the assets are appearing in the lightbox that was created at the time of upload. If not, please confirm the group the user is in has the correct permissions required to upload for example, "Edit Metadata" and "Assign and categorize assets"

  • If any permission changes are completed, request the user to log out and back in and to retry the upload before submitting the assets for approval.


3. Send for Approval button was clicked inadvertently

  • If assets compiled in a lightbox have previously been actioned by an Approver i.e. Approved/Rejected, they can not be resubmitted for approval.

  • In this case, please ensure users are only submitting any assets with a Pending status to an Approver to action. 
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