How can I clear the Expiry Date for an asset that has Expired?

When an expiry date for an asset lapses, the asset's status is automatically changed to Rejected. This is indicated with the red circle. 



Re-approve the asset

In order to be able to adjust the expiration date, the asset must be first manually re-approved. 

1. From the browse screen, search for the asset that has expired.


2. Click on the green Actions button found in the top-right corner and select "Approve" from the drop-down menu.

3. An asset can also be approved from the full-screen preview and Detailed Information pages as shown below.


Update Expiry Date value to a Future Calendar Date

Once the asset has been approved, you will be able to adjust the Expiry Date for the asset. 

1. From the Detailed Info page for the asset, ensure the Attributes section is highlighted and select Edit.

2. Locate the Expiry Date attribute and select a calendar date in the future.

3. Click the green Save button to submit the change.


Clearing Asset’s Expiry Date value

Once a new expiry date has been set up for the asset, you will now be able to clear out the Expiry Date value.

1. Click Edit from the Attributes section of the asset once more.

2. From here locate the Expiry Date attribute and clear out the updated calendar date that was previously selected.

3. Click Save to submit your change. 

4. You will now see that the Expiry Date for the asset has been cleared successfully.

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